CSE Academy

We are the first and the only academy in the region to provide video analysis feedback. Video analysis in the from of match and technical analysis in order to pin point the technical flaws that can affect a cricketer’s batting and bowling technique in the long run. Match analysis enables cricketers to make strategies to over come their weakness as well as the strengths of the opponents. Each individual cricketers performances shall be uploaded on the CSE website and can be viewed at any time , any where.Apart from video analysis, all our coaches are England Cricket board certified and well experienced to handle students of all ages interested in the sport. Personal coaching on a 1:1 basis is also a main feature of our academy that will enable cricketers to overcome their mental as well as physical weakness related to the sport with the help of our trained coaches. Current and former international coaches to be invited to conduct vocational coaching clinics. Overseas Cricket tours will also be organized every year that will help young cricketers to improve their skills in foreign conditions. A major attraction of the academy is, budding cricketers to be promoted to international academies on an exchange program that will ensure growth and maturity of the player.

The foundation of CSE was laid not to be considered as a business but to enhance and nurture the growing talent of cricket in the country.CSE will provide a platform to young cricketers in the U.A.E. to express their talent to the world. Students will not only be groomed with respect to their physical attributes but mental growth will also be assured at the CSE. Mutually, our coaches and analysts will also get an opportunity to share their expertise and knowledge with the students that will add on to their experience and also help them climb up the ladder and achieve respective levels of coaching in the game of cricket.

CSE comprises of a bunch of Coaches and analysts all who have represented the U.A.E. cricket in the past. The coaching staff and the management are well focused and have in-depth knowledge of how the academy will be set up and later developed to be an international sports institution. State of the art facilities and modern cricket equipment add on to the unique structure of this academy.

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