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Revolutionary #Towards_Being_Equal” Sports & Education training initiative Project launched by Maxtalent Sports & Education Institute Trust in Dugad
Maxtalent Sports and Education Institute Trust have launched a sports project to aid children from the tribal regions of Thane district to realise their dreams.
#Towards_Being_Equal” is an inspirational project that aims at offering Adivasi children from the Thane district a platform to launch themselves into a career in sports and also enhance and excel in Academics too. Though our objective is to propaganda the advantage of education but thought of using Cricket as a best via media as Indians even in rural areas connect well. But to be honest, they have not seen a season ball or any of the playing equipment barring for Stump, bat and tennis ball and that not always lucky to be part of it or engaged to play, due to obvious society difference a peculiar challenge yet prevailing in Powering India.
Maxtalent Sports and Education Institute Trust chairperson Sudhakar Shetty with support from patron of the project Mr Balaram Bhoir, Gen. Secretary Shramjeevi Sanghatan (Tribal Association) Maharashtra launched the project officially by laying the foundation stone to that effect on Tuesday, June 9, 2015 at Dugad. The property which stretches over eight acres is located in Dugad/Maholi Village, Bhivandi Zilla, Thane District, the multi venue conceived facility is proposed to have a study area cum library, cricket field, training nets, gym and dining area with small pavilion. During the Project Slab Stone unveiling session followed with planting about 150 Trees planted to provide a conducive shelter to the players and play area was followed by sports kit distribution to the kids, yes the First Look and Feel of the Leather Ball was a moment of great capture to the lad as their joy on face was unbelievable. Program Chief Guest Balaram Bhoir appreciated and lauded team Maxtalent Trust efforts to empower Adivasi children in the field of sports in Thane District and committed that he will walk hand in hand supporting firmly the initiative and he was very sure that the project will atleast uplift the these kids life filled with dignity and self respect, if someone moves to become a cricketer that would be a bonus, he also requested MCA support the project in aiding to make good cricket pitch and provide trainers too.

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